Oxy stands for oxygen and the word prash in Sanskrit means food, hence the name Oxyprash.

Oxyprash is an Ayurvedic preparation enriched with Omega-3 & Omega-9 fatty acids. These acids cannot be made by our body but are essential for managing cholesterol levels, blood pressure level and for boosting metabolism.

It also contains Gir cow’s pure desi ghee that helps in boosting the immune system of our body, strengthens bones, assists in digestion, softens the skin and slows the ageing process.

People with a lung condition like asthma may have a blood oxygen level lower than normal. Oxyprash is an ‘ayurvedic aushadhi’, which cleanses the lungs and ensures proper absorption of oxygen into the blood, hence keeping the oxygen saturation level or the Spo2 level in check.

It controls asthma, boosts immunity, improves respiratory tract conditions, helps in curing allergy & bronchitis, provides relief in swelling in airways and fluxes out toxins from the body.

Use Oxyprash for Good Immunity and To Beat the Effects of Pollution. Beat the effects of Smog/Pollution with Oxyprash. It uses the power of Ayurveda to cure the damage caused to lungs.

Oxyprash is the most effective immunity boosting preparation. It is effective on people of all age groups – kids, adults and elderly people.

Why Oxyprash?

Oxyprash is a formulation of the best ayurvedic herbs and is proven to provide immunity against the worst of bacteria and viruses. It improves the overall health and makes you mentally and physically stronger. We at Ramendra Oxy Products and Services focus on Quality and development of the product and work passionately to provide the world with the best ayurvedic and natural remedies.
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